Friday 16 / Sat 17 June, 2017.

(Fri 2pm – 5.30pm; Sat 10am – 6pm)

Trinity College, Dublin.


A defining characteristic of populism is that its proponents claim to speak for “the people”. This short conference provides a platform for a range of people who hold a diverse range of views, and who do not represent themselves as holding a monopoly of truth. The impetus to hold the conference arose from a belief that “What is pronounced strengthens itself/What is not pronounced tends to nonexistence”( Milosz). Conversation is better than abuse and vitriol.

The contributors will pose questions, challenge untruths, confront uncertainties and think together about the nature and context of populism and the range of possible responses to its manifestations.

The event is sponsored by the Collins Institute and The Martens Centre.

There is no fee for attendance but registration is essential.

Please come to any or all of the sessions and tell others about it.

Thank you.


Speakers to include:

  • Ian BURUMA: Bard College, New York
  • Paschal DONOHOE T.D.: Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform
  • Roland FREUDENSTEIN, Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies
  • Sophie GASTON: Demos, London
  • David GOODHART: Policy Exchange, London
  • Hugo HALFERTY-DROCHON: University of Cambridge
  • Ann-Cathrine JUNGAR: Södertörn University, Stockholm
  • Jiří PŘIBÁŇ: Cardiff University
  • Theresa REIDY: University College, Cork
  • Emanuelle SCHÖN-QUINLIVAN: University College, Cork

More info on speakers, please click here for full details of the Programme



Organised jointly by The Collins Institute and the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies.